During my lifetime I have been fortunate to visit many places. This website is where I plan to to show some of the many photos i have taken during my travels. I think I must have the travel bug in my genes because all the siblings in my father’s family traveled the globe in the early part of the 20th century and, with my father being in the Royal Air Force in Britain, we had lived in 26 different houses by the time I was 16.  Apart from a spell in Egypt when I was an infant, I first left Britain, under my own steam, at the age of 22 when I went to what was then called Southern Rhodesia. There I got a job as a learner miner – living in a mud hut on the banks of the Mazoe River near the border with Mozambique. Since then I have visited many countries in various forms of transport and still seem to be at it. I have started this website with a view to having somewhere to ramble on about this and that  - mostly observations about travel and also a place to post a few of the photos – and possibly videos – that have resulted from my journey through life. I have only just got started on this (January 2013) and don’t really know where I’m going with it so bear with me. In the meantime, until I come with something more personal the following is a precis of my recent past written by a professional writer.

“Tony Fleming, a British born U.S. citizen, has been called a Renaissance man, having the skills of an engineer and the eye of an artist. After 20-years of working for American Marine, builder of the Grand Banks brand of motoryachts, he took his idea of a new pilothouse design to Taiwan, selected the Tung Hwa factory, and started what has become the Fleming legacy.

In January of 2005, Tony took delivery of hull number one of his newest design, the Fleming 65, which he named VENTURE. Since that time he has cruised more than 40,000 miles, using VENTURE as a test bed for new ideas and equipment. Equally important, he’s finally getting the opportunity to enjoy cruising while finding even more ways to make Fleming “the ultimate cruising yacht.”

Today Tony has turned over much of the everyday boatbuilding responsibilities to his management team, consisting of Adi Shard, Nicky Fleming and Duncan Cowie. This has allowed him to pursue his lifelong passion for videography and filmmaking. A number of his highly acclaimed cruising DVDs are available on this web site and provide an entertaining insight into the man, the boats he has built and the adventures he’s had over his forty-year career."


© Tony 2013