I am waiting for the text of my memoirs to be formatted for reading on Kindle and iPad. When complete, hopefully there will be links to the photographs in these pages which are keyed to different chapters in the memoirs . I still have much work to do on unearthing photos from the past but I am now publishing those that I have found, partly to protect against them vanishing into cyberspace while awaiting the text.

July 11th 2014

Since writing the above, I have had more than 4,000 clour negatives scanned and have added many photos. there are still more to go but these will have to wait until after September when I return from my next trip up the west coast of Vancouver Island. Hopefully the text of my memoirs will be published by that time.

October 8th 2014

Since writing the last entry, I have been on another cruise which involved the circumnavigation of Vancouver Island from which I have only recently returned. My memoirs were published on Amazon on August 19th but have not yet been publicised due to some changes to layout and the implementation of more rational links to the material available on the Fleming Yachts website. This is still a work in progress. Also there are still many remaining photos, associated with my memoirs, which need to be added to this website. So anyone who has already purchased a copy of my memoirs should check back to this site from time to time if they are interested in viewing more photos.

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